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You're very welcome, David.

Please share your results with the list.




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Thanks for the pointers ... this is very interesting.  I tried associating
URLs with folders that would point to HTML pages, which would in turn use
Javascript to display the WebFolders control in the window, but it doesn't
seem to allow you to click on a subfolder in this view, so I was stumped.

We'll see whether any of these Digital Dashboard components can do better.


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You might want to examine Microsoft (R) Digital Dashboard to flesh out a
solution to your issue.

The following article caught my eye, last summer.

This article on KM Solutions mentions interoperability of Outlook 2000 &

Finally, please have a look at the recent article From the January 2001
issue of MSDN Magazine by Maarten Mullender, "Digital
Dashboards: Web Parts Integrate with Internet Explorer and Outlook to Build
Personal Portals ", who suggests DDRK as a solution for
interoperability between WebDAV & Outlook.

Excerpt 1:

"The factory assembles the contents of all the Web Parts, guided by the
properties that tell it where to put each part, and then
sends the parts to the browser. The factory uses standard HTTP to
communicate with the content providers and it uses Web Distributed
Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) to communicate with the store. For more
information on WebDAV, see the WebDAV interview with Jim
Whitehead at "

Excerpt 2:

"The solution I have used may not be elegant, but it works. I have added an
ActiveX® component that raises an event whenever the
selection changes in Outlook. This method will also work if the selection
changes in the Outlook View control, but only if the view
control is hosted in a Web page that is hosted in Outlook. The code in
Figure 14 shows a minimal implementation of such an ActiveX
control in Visual Basic®. It can easily be extended to send notifications
only when a certain type of object, such as a contact, is
selected, or only when selections are being made in a specific folder."

Mr. Mullender's article concludes:

"By using the techniques shown in this article, you will be able to create
Web Parts that can communicate with those created by
other developers. As a result, you will be able to write Web Parts that can
be used in ways you haven't yet anticipated, making your
solution both flexible and scalable."

Might be worth a more in-depth analysis.


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On a similar note ... has anyone found a good way to display WebDAV within
Outlook?  WebFolders shows up in the file dialog box under Outlook2000, but
files from there can't be used.  Has anyone found a way to display a WebDAV
path as a folder/tab within Outlook?

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No, FrontPage 2000 only supports the FrontPage server extensions.  Web
Folders support both DAV and the FrontPage server extensions -- FrontPage
supports Web Folders as a UI, but only the FPSE aspects of them on the
protocol side.

- Jim

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> Probably been asked and answered (I couldn't find an answer in the list
> arhcive, or anywhere at the Microsoft site).  Does Frontpage 2000
> support webdav?
> Serge Goldstein
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