RE: Please help with this WebDAV dialect

> - Are the DAV: properties within the XML body all valid (e.g.
> contentclass, nosubs, id, objectcount, isstructureddocument, uid,
visiblecount and many
> more) or in what IETF document can they be found? (R1 and R2)

These appear to all be server-defined, and hence implementation-specific
properties.  However, since there is no publically available place where
these properties are defined, it creates an interoperability problem for
you. We have an activity to create a procedure for registering new
properties, so that there will be a public repository of property
definitions. Having now personally experienced the need for such a
registration procedure, I'm hoping you'll feel motivated to contribute to
this effort.  I've been contacted by Dennis Hamilton, who is planning on
taking the lead on this activity (I'm hoping to see an I-D from him in the
near future).

> - Where can we find a definition how to parse tags like <DAV:ishidden
> b:dt="boolean">? (R1)

The ishidden property is defined in:

But, this is just an I-D, and is not normative.  In an ideal world,
Microsoft wouldn't have used the DAV: namespace for these properties until
the WG agreed.  Details on when to use the DAV: namespace should be part of
the registration procedures document.

> - Should one mix different namespaces like in <DAV:childcount
> b:dt="int">13</DAV:childcount> (R2)

Based on my recollection, this is allowed by the XML namespaces document.

- Jim

Received on Thursday, 18 January 2001 14:09:53 UTC