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CoverageJSON - call for consensus Bill Roberts (Tuesday, 27 June)

final version of coverage docs - advice on process? Bill Roberts (Tuesday, 27 June)

BP doc: timeline to completion on W3C side Francois Daoust (Friday, 16 June)

comments on comparison of CoverageJSON and TimseriesML Bill Roberts (Friday, 16 June)

FW: Implementations of SOSA at GA [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED] (Thursday, 15 June)

Small change to SSN ontology Armin Haller (Wednesday, 14 June)

Group endorses SOSA being taken up by Armin Haller (Wednesday, 14 June)

[minutes] Plenary meeting - 2017-06-14 Francois Daoust (Wednesday, 14 June)

QB4ST final issues Bill Roberts (Wednesday, 14 June)

SDW Plenary Call - 2017-06-14 20:00 UTC Francois Daoust (Wednesday, 14 June)

QB4ST example Bill Roberts (Wednesday, 14 June)

Agenda SSN meeting this week - 06-06-17 20:00 UTC (Tuesday, 13 June)

Agenda SSN meeting this week - 13-06-17 20:00 UTC Armin Haller (Monday, 12 June)

BP vote at OGC Linda van den Brink (Thursday, 8 June)

change over time Bill Roberts (Thursday, 8 June)

[Minutes - COV] 2017 06 07 (final one) Phil Archer (Wednesday, 7 June)

sosa:hasSimpleResult Phil Archer (Wednesday, 7 June)

SOSA/SSN examples (Wednesday, 7 June)

Implementation evidence - Producers Armin Haller (Tuesday, 6 June)

ACTION-366 begun (Tuesday, 6 June)

Call for Exclusions: Time Ontology in OWL Xueyuan Jia (Tuesday, 6 June)

coverage call Wednesday 7 June Bill Roberts (Monday, 5 June)

Agenda SSN meeting this week - 06-06-17 20:00 UTC Armin Haller (Monday, 5 June)

RE: Time Ontology - adjust CR exit criteria (Thursday, 1 June)

ACTION-318: Quantity Values and Unit of Measures Maxime Lefrançois (Thursday, 1 June)

ACTION-370: Harmonise hash uris to slash uris for horizontal modules Maxime Lefrançois (Thursday, 1 June)

ISSUE-203 solved and implementation accepted Maxime Lefrançois (Thursday, 1 June)

SSN implementation Bill Roberts (Thursday, 1 June)

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