Agenda SSN meeting this week - 06-06-17 20:00 UTC

Please find below the agenda for our weekly SSN subgroup meeting. As in the last weeks, please do keep your schedule open in case we take two hours, as usual.

Agenda for SSN-focused meeting 6 June 2017 20:00 UTC<>

  1.  Progress on Action-362<> - Extend canonical examples with coastal water body example using rdfs:subclassing and punning
  2.  Implementation of proposal for alignment as of for ssn:Observation
  3.  Progress on Action-356<> to create a list of axioms that do not need implementation evidence
  4.  Sensor/Actuator in Figure 2/3 as of ISSUE-198<>
  5.  Progress on Action-364<> to add text to explain role of sampling in SSN examples on room/ice sheet
  6.  Progress on Action-366<> to add examples from O&M converted to SOSA/SSN
  7.  Progress on Action-367<> for each editor to add one example that uses as many classes/properties as possible
  8.  Difference between subsystem vs ishostedby as of ISSUE-202<>
  9.  Implementation Evidence Progress

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