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[Minutes - COV] 2017 06 07 (final one)

From: Phil Archer <phila@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2017 12:47:06 +0100
To: SDW WG Public List <public-sdw-wg@w3.org>
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The minutes of today's Coverages call are at 
https://www.w3.org/2017/06/07-sdwcov-minutes with a text snapshot below.

There are a small number of very small edits to make to the docs, and 
Bill has a bit of a load to take care of, but essentially everything is 
on track so that next week's plenary can, if it so chooses, vote to 
publish the final versions of the three related docs (QB4ST, EO-QB and 

As this was almost certainly the final coverages sub group call, a 
resolution of thanks to Bill was recorded for his sterling effort in 
leading the work.

        Spatial Data on the Web Coverages Sub Group Teleconference

07 June 2017

    [2]Agenda [3]IRC log

       [3] http://www.w3.org/2017/06/07-sdwcov-irc


           billroberts, dmitrybrizhinev, phila, roba





      * [4]Meeting Minutes
          1. [5]Preliminaries
          2. [6]EO-QB
          3. [7]QB4ST
          4. [8]Coverage JSON
          5. [9]AOB
      * [10]Summary of Action Items
      * [11]Summary of Resolutions

Meeting Minutes


    [12]Previous Coverages call minutes

      [12] https://www.w3.org/2017/05/10-sdwcov-minutes

    [13]Patent Call

      [13] https://www.w3.org/2015/spatial/wiki/Patent_Call

    billroberts: On Monday, Phil got in touch to check how things
    are going
    … I think he's suggesting that next week's plenary is the last
    … And that we should be able to present our final docs to that
    group. Which gives is a week to finish things off.
    … Is there something that the WG has to do?

    phila: All wwe need is a resolution to publish each of the

    billroberts: So with that target of 1 week
    … Let's leave Coverage JSON until Jon is here.


    dmitrybrizhinev: we're basically done. Sam has been working on
    it on the last few weeks, I made one last commit.
    … The current doc is the finished thing as far as we're

    dmitrybrizhinev: The pull requests may have been open for a
    couple of weeks. There's one open

    <dmitrybrizhinev> [14]https://github.com/w3c/sdw/pull/899

      [14] https://github.com/w3c/sdw/pull/899

    billroberts: So ... that PR includes the commits that you've
    done today. OK.
    … So who is a good person to cast their eyes over that before
    it's merged.

    dmitrybrizhinev: It used to be Kerry

    billroberts: I'm happy to do that, and will ask for assistance
    if I need it.

    Action: billroberts to review Pull request 899 and merge if

    <trackbot> Created ACTION-375 - Review pull request 899 and
    merge if happy or get back to dmitrybrizhinev if needed [on
    Bill Roberts - due 2017-06-14].


    billroberts: How's it going Rob?

    roba: There are 2 open issues. One was there is the SDW was
    going to get a common vocab together.
    … And the other was around an example of a gridded coverage
    which, Bill, you said you'd look at.

    billroberts: Yes.

    roba: Is it OK to leave it with a note to say that an example
    is needed here?

    billroberts: I'm still happy to do that and the deadline pushes
    it up the priority list. I can get that done by the end of the

    phila: Suggests that next week's plenary is the deadline for
    any changes. So the WG can vote to publish then

    [Minor discussion about open issues (no) and Notes in the doc

    roba: GSA is looking at QB4ST, which will be useful but not in
    time to be useful for the current WG.

    billroberts: Leave that with me then and I'll try and create an
    example that's good enough to include.

    roba: In the context of hte DXWG, there are use cases around
    the structure of data. RDF QB etc are therefore in scope for
    … How do we handle that?

    phila: [Rambles on about DCAT Core, profiles, JWOC and DXWG]

    [General agreement that JWOC is the place to talk about
    statistical data descriptions, stat BP etc.]

    billroberts: Mentions statDCAT-AP

    <billroberts> [15]https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/asset/




Coverage JSON

    billroberts: There are things for Jon and me both to do
    … I've explained the deadline of next week and we think we can
    meet it.
    … I had the task to update the references in the doc which I've
    now done. I handed over to Jon and explained how to use ReSpec
    for that.
    … The other thing I had to do was to add a section X-ref to the
    BP doc, which I'm working on today.
    … Then Jon has everything else... Filling in for some open
    issues in the doc and some short To Dos
    … Nothing major, it should be clear in his head.
    … Then that would be it.
    … I've seen some mails between Jon and Scott thinking about
    poss future OGC track

    billroberts: In your draft plan for JWOC, is there a CovJSON in

    [17]JWOC charter

      [17] https://w3c.github.io/sdw/jwoc/

    phila: The charter says: "In addition, the Interest Group will
    assess the readiness of CoverageJSON for formal standarization.
    CoverageJSON is described, but not defined, in a Note published
    by the Spatial Data on the Web WG. It was originally developed
    by the University of Reading under the MELODIES project to
    provide a method of representing coverage data, such as Earth
    observation data, in JSON. The IG will monitor and encourage
    further development of the

    standard with a view to chartering a future Standards Working
    Group for its formal definition."

    [Phil talks about JWOC deciding if when and where future work
    on CoverageJSON will happen]



    billroberts: So if we achieve our goal of getting things done
    by next week then this should be the last call for this group
    too unless the WWG comes back with more complex stuff for us to
    … I'm sure we'll all talk again soon.
    … Thank you all.

    Resolved: Thanks to Bill for all your work in chairing the
    Coverage Sub Group

    <dmitrybrizhinev> +1

    <roba> +1


    <billroberts> bye all

Summary of Action Items

     1. [18]Bill to review Pull request 899 and merge if happy or
        get back to dmitrybrizhinev if needed

Summary of Resolutions

     1. [19]Thanks to Bill for all your work in chairing the
        Coverage Sub Group
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