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"click" in the example event sequences in 11.2 Mapping for devices that do not support hover

[Bug 26888] Add "pointerleave" to "9.1 The touch-action CSS property"

ACTION-119: Review the test for 15.20 when it is available and let us know if it covers the high priority manipulation scenarios (Pointer Events Working Group)

ACTION-137: Work with cathy to review prs 1299 and 1300

ACTION-138: Run the pe tests on ie after all open prs are resolved

ACTION-139: Run the pe tests on ff metro after all open prs are resolved

ACTION-140: Try using w-p-t runner to run the pe tests on ff metro and report the results to the group

ACTION-141: Check with philippe if the runner test reporting mechanism is ok for cr

ACTION-142: Work with asir on a bold heading on the ta doc that says it is frozen and no longer being worked on

ACTION-143: Determine if rick's scrolling ad hoc meeting will facilitate remote participation and report that on p-pointer-events

ACTION-144: Followup with matt re the timeframe to run the tests on a build that includes a fix for but 1094913

ACTION-145: Create draft lcwd and ping the list for review

ACTION-146: Label json files that are used for the implementation report

Amazing set/releasePointerCapture. Part two.

Bug-26888 - Add "pointerleave" to "9.1 The touch-action CSS property"; by Patrick; <>

Call for Exclusions: Pointer Events

CANCELED! Draft agenda: 25 November 2014 call

Draft agenda: 11 November 2014 call

Draft agenda: 2 December 2014

Draft agenda: 21 October 2014 call

Draft agenda: 25 November 2014 call

Draft agenda: 9 December 2014 call

Draft LCWD available

Draft minutes: 2014 December 09 call

Draft Minutes: 2014 December 2 call

Draft minutes: 2014 November 11 call

Draft Minutes: 2014 October 21 call

Errata for Touch Events?

Firefox test report

IE Test Report

Implementation Report [Was: ACTION-141 ...]

Implementation report: Chrome is passing all the touch-action tests

Interest in Scroll-linked effects demos and brainstorming at TPAC meeting

Interop testing and reporting

Need review of PR-1259: test for assertion 11.3

Need review of PR-1260: test for assertion 13.4

No PEWG call Oct 7; ToDos ...

No PEWG call on November 18

No PEWG call on November 4

No PEWG call on October 14; ToDos ...

Pointer Events is a Proposed Recommendation

Pointer Events Last Call

Pointer Events normative references

PR-1249 landed

PR1319 (and some editorial changes to tests)

RfC: Last Call Working Draft of Pointer Events; deadline December 4

scroll-delay and/or impact of changing touch-action on the current pointer/touch

Two new w-p-t PRs to address some reliability issues

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