"click" in the example event sequences in 11.2 Mapping for devices that do not support hover

I know that in the main "11. Compatibility Mapping with Mouse Events" 
section we have a fairly clear note about "The relative ordering of 
these high-level events (click, contextmenu, focus, blur, etc.) with 
pointer events is undefined and varies between user agents"

But in IE10/IE11, "click" seems to always be the last event fired (after 
pointerleave) following a tap on a touchscreen, while in the informative 
example sequence in 
we list "click" as coming after "pointerup".

As IE is currently the only browser to have PE support enabled, I wonder 
if the example sequence should reflect what it's doing? Or, 
alternatively - if we feel that "click" should logically be listed after 
pointerup, and consider IE's firing of click after "mouseleave" to be a 
UA-specific quirk - should we add a tiny note right next to it reminding 
the reader that the position of click may vary between UAs?

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Received on Friday, 17 October 2014 00:00:22 UTC