Re: ACTION-119: Review the test for 15.20 when it is available and let us know if it covers the high priority manipulation scenarios (Pointer Events Working Group)

On 10/3/14 4:53 PM, wrote:
> I reviewed the test for 15.20 and provided a minor comment at github. Otherwise it looks good to me in terms of what it's trying to test.
> However, the test doesn't really address what I raised in point #5 in [1]. I was asking whether we need test(s) to verify that the UA handles the touch-action:manipulation CSS value correctly, in a similar way that assertions 15.3 verifies the UA's behavior with touch-action:pan-x. The test that was submitted in PR-1249 merely checks that the computed value of touch-action matches what is being declared, which is a general test for touch-action and nothing specific to manipulation.
> That said, I noted in [1] that the above behavior is only a MAY requirement, so I'm fine with not creating new test cases for that.

Unless someone feels really strongly (i.e. is willing to create a new 
test), I'm also fine with Cathy's recommendation.

> Finally, the assertion description of 15.20 currently says "Touch action basic verification (including 'manipulation')", singling out manipulation, apparently to address my comment. I would s/(including 'manipulation')// to avoid confusion.

I made that change.

-Thanks, Art

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