Re: Draft minutes: 2014 December 09 call

On 09/12/2014 16:37, Arthur Barstow wrote:
> *RESOLUTION: the group agrees to publish a Proposed Recommendation of
> Pointer Events.*
> AB:thanks to Everyone for their contributions. It has been a real
> pleasure to work with all of you. I've been very impressed with the
> professionalism exhibited, and getting to PR when we said we would (two
> years ago)!

A belated congratulations to everybody, and apologies for the no-show 
yesterday...was buried under a mountain of work and lost track of time.

> ... Would people like to use the bridge reservation for Touch Events CG?
> RB:the main Q is if there is sufficient interest to have a call
> … it's ok with me
> JR:I'm ok to have a call
> RB:in particular, a discussion about events derived from other event types
> AB:I think a working assumption then would be for Rick to propose an agenda
> … and the CG can use this time slot

Told Rick already, but yes that would be great...and this time I'll make 
sure to be there :)

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