No PEWG call Oct 7; ToDos ...

I don't think there are sufficient topics for a call on October 7 so the 
next _potential_ day for a call is October 14.

Here are the main things that need attention ...

* Bug-2688; Add "pointerleave" to "9.1 The touch-action CSS property"; 
<>. Jacob has 
related actions Action-133 and Action-134.

* PR-1249; PointerEvents Test Assertions 15.11, 15.18-15.20; 
<>. pears Cathy 
reviewed this PR and has one comment that should be addressed before the 
PR can be merged. Jacob, Asir - would you please see this is addressed?

* Amazing set/releasePointerCapture. Part two.; by Maksim Lebedev 
September 26; 
Please reply to the original thread.

-Thanks, ArtB

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