Errata for Touch Events?

Quick question: I remember some discussion about the errata for Touch 
Events, and have seen some work being carried out already on that front ... but which group is doing 
this? Is it a free-for-all (and in which case, where can I file 

Some of the things I'd have in mind are purely stylistic (e.g. adding an 
explicit, but non-normative, little box-out to to spell out what the 
typical event sequence following a "tap" would be, in same way we've 
done for Pointer Events in the last Note for 12.2 
Others are perhaps too implementation specific, such as spelling out 
that mouse events will only be fired when there's a single touch point 
on the screen - as soon as there's 2 or more, no mouse events (at least 
on all platforms I tested) are being generated (again, along similar 
lines of the clarification given for the fact that only primary pointers 
fire mouse compat events in PE

In short: where can I propose the above?

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Received on Sunday, 5 October 2014 12:33:52 UTC