PR1319 (and some editorial changes to tests)

Hi folks,

First, I wanted to make some folks aware that I merged a few editorial commits to the test suite today (without requesting WG review).  These were all just typos and other minor text clarifications (nothing functional, example: s/callbak/callback):

Second, I've submitted a PR that corrects a bug where the informative notice of what pointer types were used by the tester was impacting the test results in some browsers (e.g. Chrome was incorrectly failing some touch-action tests because this informative notice required the pointerType property).  Since this changes the flow of the JavaScript in these tests, I'd like a review from the WG. Matt and/or Cathy, could you take a look at this and provide feedback or LGTM?

After PR1319 is reviewed and merged, I believe we're ready to submit test reports!



Received on Wednesday, 29 October 2014 00:35:58 UTC