RfC: Last Call Working Draft of Pointer Events; deadline December 4

[ Bcc: public-pointer-events, public-review-announce; Reply-to: 
public-pointer-events ]

This is a Request for Comments for the November 13 LCWD of Pointer Events:


Individual members of WebApps are encouraged to provide individual 
feedback. If anyone in WebApps wants to propose an official group 
response, please do so ASAP, in reply to this e-mail so the group can 
discuss it.

Comments should be sent to public-pointer-events @ w3.org [1] by 
December 4 (the LCWD incorrectly says November 30). The Pointer Events 
group also welcomes "silent review" type data such as "I reviewed 
section N.N and have no comments".

-Thanks, AB

Received on Thursday, 13 November 2014 18:02:13 UTC