Re: Interest in Scroll-linked effects demos and brainstorming at TPAC meeting

On Thu, Oct 23, 2014 at 2:35 PM, Rick Byers <> wrote:

> On Wed, Oct 22, 2014 at 7:03 AM, Arthur Barstow <>
> wrote:
>> Hi CSS WG,
>> Members of the Pointer Events WG are interested in attending Rick's
>> "Scroll-linked effects demos and brainstorming at TPAC" meeting [1] and it
>> appears - based on reading the related thread on www-style (f.ex. [2]) -
>> the CSS WG might host this meeting.
>> Would you please confirm if the CSS WG is going to host this meeting, and
>> if so, may members of the Pointer Events group join the meeting? My
>> expectation is that other than Rick, there would be 1-2 additional "live"
>> attendees. However, there are a few additional people (~4-5 others) that
>> would like to join remotely (via IRC and Zakim).
> I had a quick chat with Tab about this.  This topic is on the CSSWG wiki
> page for topics (, and it's
> fine for PEWG members to join as well.  The actual timing of this (and all
> other topics) won't be determined until Monday morning, but I can ping this
> thread when the schedule is posted.

Note that the CSSWG plans to discuss this starting around 3pm tomorrow
(probably running 1-2 hours).  I don't have permission to edit the wiki -
Dean, can you do that (it's currently listed as Tuesday AM)?

>> (If you would prefer me to send this e-mail to www-style, please let me
>> know.)
>> -Thanks, AB
>> [1]
>> Scroll_linked_effects_-_demos_and_brainstorming
>> [2]

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