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Concerns around Web Payments HTTP API de-prioritization Manu Sporny (Saturday, 30 January)

[webpayments] Should we standardise a callback mechanism for payment apps to communicate to 3rd parties? (#76) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Friday, 29 January)

[webpayments] Some amendmends (#75) Alessio Basso (Friday, 29 January)

wpwg-ACTION-12: Contact the ig chairs about taking up the terms Web Payments Working Group Issue Tracker (Thursday, 28 January)

[web-payments-browser-api] Step 6 of the payment flow is incomplete/unclear (#5) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Thursday, 28 January)

[webpayments] SEPA SDD one-off e-mandate Version 01 28 2016 (#74) fredMeignien (Thursday, 28 January)

Web Payments Community Group Browser API Polyfill Released Manu Sporny (Thursday, 28 January)

Agenda 28 January 17:00 UTC Adrian Hope-Bailie (Wednesday, 27 January)

[webpayments] PROPOSAL: Postpone release of an HTTP API FPWD until the messaging schemas have stabalized. (#73) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Wednesday, 27 January)

Dashboard Adrian Hope-Bailie (Wednesday, 27 January)

[webpayments] ACTION: Summarize arguments for/against shipping address capture (#72) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Wednesday, 27 January)

Re: [webpayments] Should we be publishing a specification for an HTTP API? (#17) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Wednesday, 27 January)

[webpayments] Updated skins for taskforce reviewed flows (#71) mattsaxon (Tuesday, 26 January)

Process question Adrian Hope-Bailie (Tuesday, 26 January)

[webpayments] Moved skin from realtime payments into include file (#70) mattsaxon (Monday, 25 January)

[webpayments] Added Skin file, participant name changes to ISO20022 (#69) mattsaxon (Monday, 25 January)

[webpayments] Updated 3DS flow with extra detail (#68) mattsaxon (Monday, 25 January)

[webpayments] PROPOSAL: Adopt developer friendly-terminology for WG deliverables but root this in ISO20022 data dictionary through our published glossary. (#67) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Saturday, 23 January)

FYI: Web API Design Cookbook Ian Jacobs (Friday, 22 January)

Weekly Web Payments Working Group Meetings - Update your Calendars Ian Jacobs (Thursday, 21 January)

[webpayments] Should a website be able to provide a label for the "Buy" or "Checkout" button displayed in the payment app? (#66) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Thursday, 21 January)

[webpayments] How can the API support enrollment (future payment) use cases? (#65) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Thursday, 21 January)

Updated Agenda for 21 January call Adrian Hope-Bailie (Thursday, 21 January)

[webpayments] PROPOSAL: The PaymentRequest object will not have code attached to it. It will be a pure data object. (#64) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Thursday, 21 January)

[webpayments] PROPOSAL: The Web Payments browser API should not support the collection of shipping information through API calls (#63) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Thursday, 21 January)

Re: [webpayments] Should a Payment Request API have shipping address APIs? (#39) Manu Sporny (Thursday, 21 January)

Re: [webpayments] Should a payment request be just data, or a programmable object? (#36) Manu Sporny (Thursday, 21 January)

Additional agenda item for 21 January call Adrian Hope-Bailie (Wednesday, 20 January)

[webpayments] PROPOSAL: Adopt ISO20022 terminology for payer and payee and use synonyms as appropriate (#62) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Wednesday, 20 January)

[paymentrequest] Consider allowing a web site to provide a label for the "Buy" or "Checkout" button (#46) Ade Bateman (Wednesday, 20 January)

[paymentrequest] Need a "really closed" event (#45) Ade Bateman (Wednesday, 20 January)

Re: [paymentrequest] CurrencyAmount description has exponent sign wrong (#39) Ade Bateman (Wednesday, 20 January)

[webpayments] Security and Privacy Self-Review (#61) ianbjacobs (Wednesday, 20 January)

Re: [paymentrequest] Use navigator.payments rather than creating a new object instance (#42) Ade Bateman (Wednesday, 20 January)

[webpayments] Should the Web Payments API cater for the invoicing part of the full web purchase flow ? (#60) Vincent Kuntz (Wednesday, 20 January)

[webpayments] Terminology for payer/payee, user/merchant, debtor/creditor (#59) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Wednesday, 20 January)

[paymentrequest] Minor spec changes based on implementation experience and feedback (#44) Ade Bateman (Wednesday, 20 January)

Agenda - 21 January - 17:00 UTC Adrian Hope-Bailie (Tuesday, 19 January)

[webpayments] PROPOSAL: Hold WG meetings every week until further notice. (#58) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Tuesday, 19 January)

[webpayments] PROPOSAL: Use strings to represent currency and amount per ISO20022 (#57) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Tuesday, 19 January)

[webpayments] Adding ISO 20022 definitions highlights for W3C Web Payments WG (#56) Laurent Castillo (Tuesday, 19 January)

3DS 2.0 Adrian Hope-Bailie (Monday, 18 January)

Polyfills/Wireframes for the browser API proposals Adrian Hope-Bailie (Thursday, 14 January)

[paymentrequest] Support for "enrollment" use of API (#43) ianbjacobs (Wednesday, 13 January)

[webpayments] What is the appropriate conversational pattern for the API? (#55) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Wednesday, 13 January)

Re: [webpayments] Should the payment request contain line item details? (#38) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Wednesday, 13 January)

FYI: European Banking Authority (EBA) Discussion Paper on strong customer and secure communication under PSD2 Ian Jacobs (Monday, 11 January)

FYI: W3C Member review of Web Authentication Working Group Charter until 25 January Ian Jacobs (Monday, 11 January)

[webpayments] Patch 1 (#54) mountielee (Sunday, 10 January)

[webpayments] Separated PayPal flow into standard and PSP intermediated following discussions with Dave (#53) mattsaxon (Sunday, 10 January)

[webpayments] Updated PayPal with annotation based on Dave's feedback (#52) mattsaxon (Saturday, 9 January)

[webpayments] Updated Authentication to read Authorisation (#51) mattsaxon (Friday, 8 January)

[Minutes] 7 January 2016 call Ian Jacobs (Thursday, 7 January)

[webpayments] Capture proposed work changes in wiki (#50) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Thursday, 7 January)

[webpayments] Refactor flows to use common terminology and entry/exit points (#49) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Thursday, 7 January)

wpwg-ACTION-11: Ping mountie about samsung and escrow flows Web Payments Working Group Issue Tracker (Thursday, 7 January)

Labels and Milestones on GitHub Adrian Hope-Bailie (Thursday, 7 January)

Meta-issues for the group Adrian Hope-Bailie (Thursday, 7 January)

[webpayments] Updated PayPal to correct redirect and add notifications (#48) mattsaxon (Wednesday, 6 January)

[webpayments] Added Cross Border, minor revisions to RealTime payment (#47) mattsaxon (Wednesday, 6 January)

Agenda: 7 Jan 2016 Web Payments WG call Ian Jacobs (Wednesday, 6 January)

[webpayments] Gh pages (#46) mattsaxon (Wednesday, 6 January)

[webpayments] Update Apple Pay flow and add Bank Mobile Wallet (#45) Laurent Castillo (Wednesday, 6 January)

Re: [paymentrequest] Should well-known identifiers be used for ubiquitous payment methods (#35) Stefan Thomas (Wednesday, 6 January)

Re: [webpayments] Should list of accepted payment methods be strings or objects? (#37) kevingordonwp (Tuesday, 5 January)

Re: [paymentrequest] Refactor PaymentDetails. (383c224) jayrenn (Monday, 4 January)

SCAI - update with Credit Transfer and Direct debit flows VIGNET cyril (Monday, 4 January)

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