Re: [webpayments] PROPOSAL: Postpone release of an HTTP API FPWD until the messaging schemas have stabalized. (#73)

I think the advantages of waiting to publish the HTTP API spec are:

* We seem to all agree that the JS API is primary. I believe the JS API merits our sustained focus to ensure we make progress on some core issues.
* We seem to all agree that alignment in messages is desirable (though, as I've said I don't think alignment is strictly necessary and there may be solid reasons for divergence that we may discover). We have not yet come to ground on the JS API messages. If we want alignment, it seems prudent to wait until the JS API messaging has stabilized.

Of course, I would like for us to make progress on both APIs. I am hoping that we will make enough decisions at the FTF so that the path to FPWD for the JS API is clear, and then perhaps we can devote more time to an HTTP API spec shortly thereafter.


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