Re: [paymentrequest] Should well-known identifiers be used for ubiquitous payment methods (#35)

> Can we make the grounding implicit?

I think doing that would be a bad idea as you end up, in time, w/ certain organizations mis-implementing the basic context and inevitably this will lead to an interoperability problem when one large multinational starts using "currency" to mean something slightly different from another large multinational. We should make the processing rules explicit, and the best way to do that would be to say that developers SHOULD provide a context in all of their messages. If we do that, there is no chance that messages could be misinterpreted.

We could also say in the spec that in the absence of a context, all Web Payments messages MUST assume a context of "". This is, of course, a compromise and I hope the group wouldn't make this the recommendation for developers.

Note that including the context should have no effect on the browser API implementations since they are to pass through the data untouched.

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