Re: [webpayments] Should we be publishing a specification for an HTTP API? (#17)

I am fully in support of us publishing an HTTP API spec but think that we should keep the group focused on the JavaScript API right now as this is where we have the most momentum.

Rather than trying to define the messaging first and then the API's after, I propose that we allow the JavaScript API design to mature (we need to have an FPWD by March) and as such the messaging schemas will have stabilized.

At this point, if we have not already done so, we can extract the messaging schemas from the JavaScript API specification into it's own document which is a normative reference for both API specifications.

This document will likely be a valuable reference in it's own right for non-developers as it may include guidance on how the Web Payments messaging relates to other technology such as the ISO20022 data dictionaries and vocabularies.

I would like to propose therefor that we don't attempt to produce an HTTP API FPWD for our March delivery deadline. If there is general support for this I will log a formal proposal and put it on the agenda for 28 Jan.

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