Re: [webpayments] PROPOSAL: The Web Payments browser API should not support the collection of shipping information through API calls (#63)

To be honest, I am very confused by the notion being put forward that a shipping address is a "credential" in the first place. In the Credential CG group's [own glossary][1] a credential is defined as:

> A set of claims that refer to a qualification, achievement, personal quality, aspect of an identity such as a name, government ID, preferred payment processor, home address, or university degree typically used to indicate suitability.

A shipping address is none of these things. It **may** be a home address, but it equally may be an address a friend gave me and I have no proof that it is or isn't real.

Surely nobody would propose a latitude/longitude coorindate be a "credential"? So why is a shipping address any different? Like a pair of coordinates it represents a physical location. Calling it a credential seems like some serious overreaching.


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