Re: [webpayments] Should the payment request contain line item details? (#38)

> I would actually suggest that the payment request contains a remittance container, which could potentially be forwarded to all parties in the payment chain.

This seems like a good idea to consider however we should ensure we are not over-complicating the issue here. 

Unless the payment is being completed by the Payment App (i.e. out of band of the comms with the merchant or their PSP - likely some push payment) it seems likely that a lot of this data does not need to be sent to the Payment App in the request. The merchant will put this data into the message it sends to it's PSP after it receives a response from the Payment App authorizing the payment.

i.e. In many use cases the exchange of data via the browser API is simply a request for authorization from the merchant to the user (replacing the traditional card details form submission).

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