[webpayments] Should a website be able to provide a label for the "Buy" or "Checkout" button displayed in the payment app? (#66)

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> It may help users understand what they are accepting if the web site is able to label the "accept" button. For example, if a user is about to "Buy" something, "Reserve" something, "Subscribe" to something, etc.


> This is linked to the comment I just made on issue #65
> +1 to distinctions as suggested by @adrianba 


> It seems there are several topics here:

> 1. The API may be used in a variety of user interactions, and the entity that displays the relevant payment apps may need a label to communicate the interaction to the user. Note that these labels may not be in English, and that the specification probably cannot prevent misuse of labels.
> 1. The API may be used in a variety of flows, such as "pay", "register", or "reserve". There may be hacky ways to implement the different scenarios, like using amount=0 to imply "register". However, we should consider whether we want to define a small number of verbs that become part of the data exchanged with the payment application. We will not be able to address every possible scenario, but I have now heard three that sound like it could be useful for the merchant to be able to pass on to the payment application.

> Furthermore, it seems there is a relationship between this topic and a topic we discussed previously that translated in the following charter language: "The Working Group will consider support for deferred payment execution to enable use cases where the actual execution of a payment requires steps that are out-of-band with respect to the message flows and APIs defined by the Working Group." That was a use case where the user chose a push payment instrument, but the merchant did not want the payment to be completed before the merchant regained control of the flow.

> Please let me know if this makes sense:

> * The distinction between "what the user sees" (label) and "what the merchant wants to accomplish"
> * We may wish to define a set of verbs so the merchant can communicate what they want to accomplish.

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