[webpayments] PROPOSAL: Adopt developer friendly-terminology for WG deliverables but root this in ISO20022 data dictionary through our published glossary. (#67)

PROPOSAL (from @mattsaxon )

In keeping with the WG resolution to try and root our terminology in the ISO20022 data dictionary the WG will adopt the following terms for use in its deliverables:

W3C Web Payments Term | Common Terms  |  ISO 20022 definition
Payee | Merchant | Creditor, Beneficiary
Payee PSP | Acquirer, Gateway | Acquirer, Intermediary
Payer | Shopper, Consumer, User | Debtor, Initiator
Payee PSP | Wallet | Intermediary

* We will use the W3C Payments Terms in the W3C specifications (to avoid writing out in detail).
* In the flows we would use the complete terms, however it should be realised that Common terms and ISO 20022 definitions may change between flows, for example for Direct Debit the ISO20022 term is Beneficiary, whilst for Credit Transfer it is Creditor.
* We will endeavour to have the W3C Terms added to the ISO repository as reserved words or ideally as specific mappings, e.g. a Payee is the superclass of both the subclasses of Creditors and Beneficiary.

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Received on Saturday, 23 January 2016 11:00:21 UTC