Re: [paymentrequest] Should well-known identifiers be used for ubiquitous payment methods (#35)

> The question then is how the registry of well-known strings should work?

The registry of well-known strings is just a JSON-LD context (if we decide to go that route, and this is really something we should decide early on because a large number of the problems we're discussing are solved if we go with many variations of that route).

I know a few folks are opposed to W3C managing a registry of some kind but if we want to do this sort of aliasing, the simple fact of the matter is that /some organization/ is going to have to manage the mapping. Even if we didn't want to map strings to URLs, some organization would still have to maintain the registry of "short strings that map to payment instruments".

Barring just purely using URLs (which I don't think anyone is arguing for), we're in the position of maintaining a registry of some kind. W3C and IETF has a long history of doing this, and there are examples of it working out well.

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