Doug and I played around with using waffle.io for our issue list today and
I think we have a useful tool for tracking the state of issues and a
somewhat better visual representation of them.

You can see the board at: https://waffle.io/w3c/webpayments/

It works like a Kanban board with new cards appearing on the left and
moving either through labelling or the reverse (when they are moved on the
board the appropriate label is applied).

The great news is this system uses GitHub as it's reference data entirely
so if we abandon the system we will not lose anything.

If you login with your GitHub username you will be able to log new issues
and add comments from this interface.

This raises the question of whether this is a useful tool for those that
have issues accessing GitHub at work. To login you will need to use OAuth
via GitHub so looging into the site will still be a problem but if you are
able to take your computer home and login there you may find you can use
the service at work.

Waffle.io does not allow interaction with the code only the issue list. It
should be considered far lower risk by corporate security teams as it
doesn't allow "file sharing".

If anyone has any lukc using the dashboard from behind a corporate firewall
(that restricts GitHub) please share your experience as this is useful
feedback in our quest for more inclusive tooling.

We are still working on a better visual representation of the issues (not
interactive) that will give a good snapshot of the work.


Received on Wednesday, 27 January 2016 21:07:00 UTC