Labels and Milestones on GitHub

I have done some work on GitHub to try and improve how we work. If these
changes show traction I'll update our wiki to reflect these as part of our

*Wide/Horizontal Review and related topics*

I have added the following labels to our main repo [1] to be used when
tagging issues as being relevant to a "wide-review" [2] topic. This implies
that the issue should probably be discussed with appropriate horizontal
review groups at W3C. The same labels will be used on our spec repos to
signal to these other groups that their input is required. These labels all
use the same color (#d4c5f9:

   - *security*: affect the degree of resistance to, or protection from,
   harm of Web technologies
   - *privacy*: affect the collection, processing and publication of
   personal data in Web technologies
   - *accessibility*: affect the design of Web technologies for people with
   - *internationalization*: affect the adaptation of Web technologies to
   different languages or regional differences
   - *architecture*: affect the underlying principles that should be
   adhered to by all Web technologies
   - *performance*: affect the download and display speed of Web
   - *device independence*: affect the ability of Web technologies to
   function on a wide variety of devices


I have also added the "action" label as an experiment. Issues can be
assigned to users so going forward I will try to log any actions created
during our calls or meetings to GitHub, assign them to the appropriate
person and set the "action" label so they can be explicitly excluded from
issue lists.

As mentioned in a previous email, the issue list on our main repo [1] is
for discussing high-level issues the majority of which will take the form
of design questions such as those already labelled as "question". Any new
issues added to hte list that are intended to be "question for the group to
get consensus on" should be labelled as "question".

*Other labels*

The default labels should be used to try and organise issues based on their
type. i.e. Is this a high-level design question, a bug in one of the tools
or documents, a request for an enhancement etc.

As another experiment I have created a milestone for our 14 January call.
The plan is to group any questions we consider ready for resolution on that
call under that milestone.

I propose that the best way for this to happen is for the group to comment
that they believe there is either general consensus on the proposal that
has been made to resolve the issue or a need to discuss it on the call and
then assign the issue to me (@adrianhopebailie).

Nick and I will triage the issues as best we can to come up with a list we
think we can get through on a single call and put them into the milestone
for that call.


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