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Business Modells Stefan'Luke'Süpke (Friday, 30 May)

draft-baker-soap-media-reg-03 Mark Nottingham (Thursday, 29 May)

Proposal for closing issue 429 Jacek Kopecky (Wednesday, 28 May)

PASWA as a SOAP module Mark Nottingham (Wednesday, 28 May)

PASWA in terms of a binding mechanism Herve Ruellan (Wednesday, 28 May)

Work to be done on Requirements document Jean-Jacques Moreau (Wednesday, 28 May)

MimeMultipart vs byte's matrix zappone@cli.di.unipi.it (Tuesday, 20 May)

Concrete packaging spec Eliezer Birinbom (Tuesday, 20 May)

SOAP Implemetation Heli Desai (Saturday, 17 May)

Versioning web services Srinivas Vishnubhatta (Friday, 16 May)

Content-free Header and Body elements Rich Salz (Thursday, 15 May)

Who sees xbinc:Include? (First formal issue against PASWA) Jacek Kopecky (Wednesday, 14 May)

Metadata (was RE: SOAP MIME Type) Paul Denning (Wednesday, 14 May)

RE: xbinc:Include and identity Martin Gudgin (Wednesday, 14 May)

Handling the XML Prolog inside SOAP Burdett, David (Tuesday, 13 May)

[whenToUseGet] PUT/POST & GET with SOAP noah_mendelsohn@us.ibm.com (Tuesday, 13 May)

RE: encoding missing in xml declaration Martin Gudgin (Monday, 12 May)

RE: IBM CICS rejects REST :-) :-) Kellie deRuyter (Friday, 9 May)

another position on SOAP subsetting of XML Mark Jones (Friday, 9 May)

Re: xbinc:Include and identity Marc Hadley (Thursday, 8 May)

Typo in array example? Andreas Aardal Hanssen (Thursday, 8 May)

Incorrect Example 8a in section 4.1.1 Elliotte Rusty Harold (Thursday, 8 May)

New subset in latest SOAP draft Elliotte Rusty Harold (Thursday, 8 May)

help me ...great error...................................... majed .. (Thursday, 8 May)

The SOAP Primer (Part 0) Don Box (Thursday, 8 May)

Congrats on PR Don Box (Thursday, 8 May)

Problems with PASWA ... and an alternative Burdett, David (Thursday, 8 May)

SOAP MIME Type John Kemp (Wednesday, 7 May)

Does/should SOAP define an XML subset? Champion, Mike (Wednesday, 7 May)

final decision on well-formedness checking Sanjiva Weerawarana (Wednesday, 7 May)

Fwd: SOAP MIME Type Mark Nottingham (Tuesday, 6 May)

PASWA, Include and Protocol Bindings noah_mendelsohn@us.ibm.com (Friday, 2 May)

PASWA, Include and Protocol Bindings noah_mendelsohn@us.ibm.com (Friday, 2 May)

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