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[Fwd: Question on OWL Lite]

AGENDA/LOGISTICS - telecon of Aug 21

Agenda/Logistics Update

archive pointers

archive pointers [was: reminder: actions...]

Aug 7 telecon regrets

Aug 7 telecon: document status + other topics

belated regrets, 8-7-03

bug in maxCardinality/Manifest002

call for impl

Candidate Recommendation: Guide

changes I made to documents, on the way to being published

CR comment handling [was: OWL Test Cases and ...]

CR version of OWL Reference

CR version of S&AS available (as of 12:20PM EDT today)

description-logic/inconsistent107 was RE: minor typos in Test doc

detailed results of OWL DL syntax checker

Digital Enterprise Research Institute: Research Positions at all Levels

DL 909

documenting DL syntax feature at risk

Documents for

draft minutes from July 24 telecon

Fwd: OWL Test Cases and Species Validation

Guide: CR status


ill-formed lists in OWL Full

implementation report for DL syntax checker

importing OWL ns doc

Logical characteristics of built-in properties

M/cr syntax validator update.

Membership trivia

minor typos in Test doc

MINUTES Teleconference Web Ontology Working Group - August 21 20 03

More news items on OWL

More publicity

naming of documents - requirements in different form

News release: World Wide Web Consortium Issues Web Ontology Language Candidate Recommendations

overview doc

Overview document

OWL CR article

OWL guide note?


OWL is a CR!

OWL moves to CR

OWL Tests with First Order Reasoner (Update)

owl.owl => owl.rdf ?! [was: Re: review of wine.owl and food.owl]

Partial Regrets, Thursday 7th.

peeking out from the aftermath of Sobig.F

problem with B1 B2

problem with test files

questionable test document(s)

quick question

Reference - updated version

Regrets - Aug 7 telecon

Regrets for 2003-08-21 telecon

reminder: actions, 28 Aug telcon cancelled

Requirements ready for CR

review of wine.owl and food.owl

revised minutes for telecon of 24 July 2003

small error in S&AS

Species Validation (not quite 100%...)

Species Validation Report

Test case planning for CR period

test manifest file

Test oneOf/004

Test-Results and Systems Ontologies (was Re: AGENDA/LOGISTICS...)

TEST: a DL question

TEST: correction in I5.2/premises006

TEST: CR version

TEST: extra-credit

testing that RDF datatypes can have more than one URI name

WebOnt/OWL patent disclosures page enumerates all statements

WOWG: agenda Aug 7 telecon

WOWG: proposed minutes for 7 August

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