Re: Fwd: OWL Test Cases and Species Validation

I'm breaking my reply to Sean into two parts - this one about the 
owl:imports test, a separate one (echoing Jeremy) on the blank nodes 
in the intersection

>In the premises document, the triple:
><rdf:Description rdf:about=''>
>  <owl:imports 
>uses owl:imports without explicitly saying that the URI to which it
>applies is an owl:Ontology. Thus we are in Full.

I think we have room for improvement here - Mike, who is very up on 
our documents, naturally assumed that the reason this test was in 
full had to do with the imports, not with the missing owl:Ontology 
statement.  As a result, he was assuming that he had missed something 
in how imports works.

I can see two easy fixes:
  1 - add the owl:ontology statement into this example and call this a Lite test
  2 - leave this test as it is, but add another test that is exactly 
the same except adds the owl:ontology statement (and is thus in Lite)

I would strongly advocate the latter - this would make need for 
owl:Ontology in an imports clear, and it would make it clear that the 
imported stuff DOES need to be considered by a species checker (this 
was the confusion caused by the current test alone).

Jeremy, Jos - what do you think of adding a new test that mirrors but adds the 
owl:Ontology statement per Sean's message above -- would be an easy 
additional test, and would clarify a couple of subtleties in the OWL 

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