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Sandro Hawke wrote:

 > What does "obsoleted" mean?   Does it mean the test is just no longer
 > useful, or does it mean the test is somehow mistaken -- in which case
 > it's presumbly still a valid test in some other category.  (ie if
 > there's a typo in the XML it might be properly categorized as a
 > NegativeParserTest...)   Right?


My understanding is that obsoleted tests are simply ones that are no longer 

That does not mean that the test is not valid - simply that the WG has 
decided not to include it.

Ones we have obsoleted to date have been in response to substantive change, 
such as changes in names of properties.

During CR it may well turn out that one or two of the proposed tests are 
broken in uninteresting ways, in which case obsolence may be the right path.

Sometimes the valid test in some other category is added, but typically as 
a new test, which happens to have the same form as the old test (but a new 


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