Guide: CR status

I have uploaded versions of the files needed for the 
Guide CR document.


The one thing I did not do, per Dan's comment, was to fill in a
response date in the SOTR.

Things I have done

1. Set the publishing date to August 18 publish for all OWL docs.

2. Cross referenced the other OWL documents as per Peter's message.

3. The textual example references to wine.rdf and food.rdf are of the
form "".

LINKs in the Guide to these two are relative.

4. Eliminated notes re typos in the list of changes.

5. Set DOCTYPE in wine and food to rdf:RDF.  And the examples that
refer to the DOCTYPE of ontologies have been modified in Guide 
to use rdf:RDF.

- Mike

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Received on Thursday, 7 August 2003 15:18:56 UTC