minor typos in Test doc

Hi Dan

I have just been checking the test document and have found a few minor 
- incorrect stylesheet
    fixed by using CR stylesheet
- colouring of changed text
    fixed by change to local CSS definitions
- spurious xmlns:saxon and xmlns:html attributes in html
   these cause non xhtml compliance
   fixed by stripping them
- incorrect entity references in test miscellaneous/consistent002
   fixed by copying correct references from test miuscellaneous/consistent001
- previous version URI is incorrect
   fixed by changing to correct URI

I have all the fixes on my machine, and can check them in now if you want.
Shall I do this?

A further question is the SOTD.
I have not touched this since last call, I am happy to draft something drawing 
from the text that Peter put into the S&AS SOTD and the Test LC SOTD.
The pubrules checker currently is unhappy with the SOTD and would like a date 
for the close of the CR period (I think).

How did the meeting with the director go?


Received on Tuesday, 12 August 2003 13:35:36 UTC