CR version of S&AS available (as of 12:20PM EDT today)

The version of S&AS at the usual place,
as of 12:10PM EDT, is ready to go, except for two bits (wrong
capitalization in a link), which will be fixed as of 12:20PM EDT.

This version passes the pubrules checker except for

1/ pointers to the other CR versions of the OWL docs, which do not yet
   exist; and 

2/ various issues in the SOTD section, including the silly part already
   noted by Mike.

I'm not sure what sort of wording is needed for the missing bits of the
SOTD, so I'm not going to supply any.

Changes made:

1/ fix references and links
2/ add links to editors' drafts of various RDF documents to the references
   section (only) 
3/ add several Notes about post-last-call changes to RDF
4/ add a paragraph to SOTD about post-last-call changes to RDF



Received on Friday, 8 August 2003 12:13:45 UTC