overview doc

in response to the webont telecon,
i updated all of the hard links to current documents (without hash 
marks) to point as follows:

[From Mike Smith:

	Change all [pointers] to match:


and updated citations (and the line below the title) as requested below

	Change citations to incorporate the above and modify 
	status and published date to

	 W3C Candidate Recommendation 18 August 2003

left the detailed mention of requirements where it was and added it to 
the roadmap section.

i had previously added white to my acknowledgements list but added 
kravtsova from peters mail and interestingly found that my list was also 
missing carroll, connolly, and dale as peter found.
I am guessing other document authors might have the same list issues.

I did not see the message with the appropriate rdf links so no changes 
have been made to those and to status as i expect that dan or sandro 
will change those appropriately.

the document is in its usual place -

I do not plan on making any more changes on my side and relinquish 
control to dan/sandro and anyone else in the w3c process i should 
relinquish control to.


Received on Friday, 8 August 2003 12:44:09 UTC