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On Tue, 5 Aug at 9:03 2003 Dan Connolly wrote:
>On Fri, 2003-07-25 at 12:16, wrote:
>> MINUTES from  Teleconference Web Ontology Working Group
>> July 24, 2003, 1200 (East US), 0900 (West US). 1700 (London)
>> ACTION WD editors to prepare drafts for CR (see Document change review
>> in 4.0 below for some comments on editor drafts).
>I need it recorded which indiviuals accepted this action.
>I gather it's
>  Sandro for Overview,
>  Mike S for Guide,
>  Mike D for Reference,
>  Peter for S and AS,
>  Jeremy for Test (though I gather he's now on holiday;
>	did he pass the baton to anybody in particular? Sandro? Jos?)
>  Sandro for Requirements (by default, since the record shows
>    Jeff wasn't there and doesn't show that anybody else took
>    the action).

I may have presumed too much in recording the above action.  We discussed
some minor problems with some of the documents and I understood the vote
to presume the problems would be fixed by CR publication time.  However,
aside from Sandro for Overview and Jeremy for Test, I am not sure that
anyone accepted any actions to address this.  It was in the agenda to 
assign the actions, but I do not think that we explicitly did it.

Looking for guidance on how to properly update the notes.


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