changes I made to documents, on the way to being published

On their way to being published, I had to made various cleanups to the
drafts: fixing broken links, mostly.  Also, one of the checkers
requires id tags on certain headings, and most documents didnt have them
on the <h1> at the top.

The actual changed versions are now published.   If I did something
terrible in any of these changes, let me know ASAP and I can probably
undo it today.   

(These are extracts from the cvs change logs which some (all?) of you
have direct access to, with my SOTD changes omitted.)

(My one goofy change was adding myself as a WebOnt member whenever I
had some other reason to be editing that part of the document --
because the WebOnt URL was broken, or the international characters
were bad.   We should standardize that better on the next document

    -- sandro

removed incorrect charset element

made broken link to Guide#rdf_Property go to #DefiningProperties

changed owl-ref links to be to fixed-version, fixing ref to
app-DLinRDF, which is only in newest version 

fixed links to semantics and overview (features)

added id onto main title

changed guide#foo to be nailed to current version, not "latest" version

removed trailing / on XML/Schema link

changed css link to CR

fixed Description Logics reference, fixed character entities in names,
added myself as WG member 

fixed RDFS reference

fixed DAML reference

fixed copyright statement (bad numeric entities)

removed EDITORS DRAFT heading, removed link to second previous draft

removed strange extra h2 in SOTD

ran it through: tidy --toxml -i -n -ascii Overview.html

added xml encoding to: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1""?>

removed extra / in

changed TOC link "Status"->"status"

added id onto main title

fixed webont link in membership list, added myself as member

add id on main title

removed tight paragraph spacing in spec.css

removed [[Editors Note: ...]]

changed ...owl-semantic-20030818... to ...owl-semantics-20030818...

change "orange" to a hex value in css


fixed webont link in membership list, added myself as member

fixed rdfs link, added header ids

Received on Friday, 22 August 2003 23:19:29 UTC