Re: Aug 7 telecon: document status + other topics

Jeremy Carroll wrote:
>>W.r.t. CR document status: The goal is to have all documents ready by 
>>this Thursday, with the possible exception of the correct links to the 
>>RDF documents. The chairs / team contacts will try to come up with a 
>>strategy for this before or at the telecon.
> What happened about that issue ...
> (I might just have missed it in the minutes ...)

Corssreferences to RDF can only be to a WD (i.e. the RDF LC versions). 
If a document depends on changes in an editor's draft you have to make 
this  clear in the Status section, preferably as specific as possible 
(but "the world is not perfect", as one of our eminent members remarked).

Hope this helps,

> Jeremy

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