OWL Tests with First Order Reasoner (Update)

We have been continuing our experiments on translating OWL to FO and then
using a FO theorem prover. This now includes a basic approach to datatypes
and some improvements to the original translation. The detailed results
are at:


but a summary of the results are as follows. Tackling the 170
inconsistency, consistency and positive entailment tests that are rated as
being DL from the approved and proposed collections, we have:

Type		Attempted	PASS
Inconsistent 	70 		63
Consistent 	52 		41
Positive 	48 		37
Total 		170 		141

Note that 14 of the "non-passing" tests are due to the presence of
datatypes that are not in the minimally required set of supported
datatypes. More details on this at the above URL.



Sean Bechhofer

Received on Thursday, 14 August 2003 08:42:54 UTC