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CSS: OS metrics units, need some advice Andrew Fedoniouk (Sunday, 16 October)

Five new proposals about CSS David Latapie (Saturday, 15 October)

Fetishes bert@w3.org (Saturday, 15 October)

Some thoughts about core limitation of XHTML and CSS and the normalised Web of today David Latapie (Saturday, 15 October)

Re: User constant declarations (and Macros) in style sheets K. Ramesh Babu (Saturday, 15 October)

Broad application of CSS hypertext pseudo-classes (as to SPARQL "link" elements) Etan Wexler (Saturday, 15 October)

Re: [css3-background] border-radius questions Bert Bos (Friday, 14 October)

Simple switch screen / print Cristiano Guglielmetti (Friday, 14 October)

The 'clip' property applies only to absolutely positioned elements, why? Martijn (Thursday, 13 October)

[css21] parsing of comment and element nodes inside style declaration Anne van Kesteren (Thursday, 13 October)

Overflowed elements and some browsers Emrah BASKAYA (Thursday, 13 October)

Measure unit for line-height Markus Jonsson (Wednesday, 12 October)

[CSS3] Where has 'text-underline-*' gone? Christian Roth (Tuesday, 11 October)

Scaling backgound images Manuel Strehl (Tuesday, 11 October)

RE: Probable_SPAM: A Bug Patrick Lauke (Tuesday, 11 October)

A Bug Jimmy Denton (Tuesday, 11 October)

Proposal for table-cell column/row based selection mechanism Dean Trower (Tuesday, 11 October)

Recall: Re: ID selectors problem? Andrew Fedoniouk (Saturday, 8 October)

ID selectors problem? dan.beck@email.cz (Saturday, 8 October)

anchor as block level element Jonathan Chetwynd (Thursday, 6 October)

Grid Layout (was What 'Advanced Layout' suggestions have been proposed?) Ben Ward (Wednesday, 5 October)

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A/C Depto. de Compras - Margeset Grafica e Editora Ltda. - Cadastro ylafon (Sunday, 2 October)

Re: Simple template-based editing Andrew Fedoniouk (Saturday, 1 October)

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