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the chicken and the egg problem Tom Van Eetvelde (Wednesday, 29 March)

Call for Implementation: Resource Description Framework (RDF) Schema Specification Becomes a W3C Candidate Recommendation Janet Daly (Monday, 27 March)

Hello Tide718@cs.com (Monday, 27 March)

RDF API McBride, Brian (Thursday, 23 March)

Acyclic RDF Graph??? Gerard Maas (Thursday, 23 March)

Semantics of RDF API McBride, Brian (Wednesday, 22 March)

specifying Dublin core and qualifiers in RDF Ryan Laundry (Wednesday, 22 March)

XSLT for screen-scraping RDF out of real-world data Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 21 March)

re: DMOZ Cleaner - Program in Development CATGOLF888@aol.com (Monday, 20 March)

RDF and Document Management Claude Garceau (Monday, 20 March)

DMOZ Cleaner Danny Ayers (Monday, 20 March)

Re: RDF-API jos.deroo.jd@belgium.agfa.com (Thursday, 16 March)

RDFViz: exploring tools for RDF Graph visualisation Dan Brickley (Thursday, 16 March)

RDFFilter and property ID Gabe Beged-Dov (Wednesday, 15 March)

Resource Description: the domain R.van.Dort@Everest.nl (Tuesday, 14 March)

New types of statements Jonas Liljegren (Monday, 13 March)

RDF in the real world Stallion, Jason (Cahners) (Monday, 13 March)

Re: do XML Datatypes work for RDF? Jonas Liljegren (Sunday, 12 March)

XSLT/XPath tutorials Jeff Sussna (Friday, 10 March)

RDF tutorial Pierre-Antoine CHAMPIN (Thursday, 9 March)

RDF data model: too flat? R.van.Dort@Everest.nl (Thursday, 9 March)

paper on ontology sharing Robert E. Kent (Wednesday, 8 March)

RDF for genealogy James Tauber (Wednesday, 8 March)

XSLT applied to RDF? Perry A. Caro (Wednesday, 8 March)

API for RDF: locutor Jean-Marc Vanel (Tuesday, 7 March)

RDF and Open Groups - Sharing Meta Data for Online Communities Steven Clift (Monday, 6 March)

RE: A certain difficulty Assini, Pasqualino (Saturday, 4 March)

Re: A certain difficulty Stefan Haustein (Saturday, 4 March)

RE: Subclass of Thing/Resource Jeff Sussna (Friday, 3 March)

Re: Why RDF must be parsed to be directed graph? (for what purpose?) Seth Russell (Friday, 3 March)

subject Andrei S. Lopatenko (Friday, 3 March)

Help ! Still not getting it ! tony_hammond@harcourt.com (Thursday, 2 March)

Re: rdf for object serialization Stefan Haustein (Thursday, 2 March)

SV: A certain difficulty Greg FitzPatrick (Wednesday, 1 March)

Understanding RDF for CCPP use Graham Klyne (Wednesday, 1 March)

Resources and things Greg FitzPatrick (Wednesday, 1 March)

2 Questions on Syntax tony_hammond@harcourt.com (Wednesday, 1 March)

subject Andrei S. Lopatenko (Wednesday, 1 March)

RE: rdf for object serialization Assini, Pasqualino (Wednesday, 1 March)

RE: Model issues was: A certain difficulty Mark Birbeck (Wednesday, 1 March)

RE: The RDF model *is* part of the problem Mark Birbeck (Wednesday, 1 March)

RDF and the rest of the world R.van.Dort@Everest.nl (Wednesday, 1 March)

Re: Subclass of Thing/Resource Guha (Wednesday, 1 March)

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