XSLT applied to RDF?

Has anyone toyed with applying XSLT transformations to RDF to generate
alternative representations?  For example, the simplified "Just The
N-tuples" syntax proposed by Sergey, et al?

It occurred to me that one could get several useful products by applying

1) Canonical RDF
2) Trivial RDF (Just The N-Tuples)
3) Simplified RDF (backward compatible to RDFMS 1.0)
4) XML Schema compatible intermediate form of RDF

A complete, open and robust XSLT template for transforming RDFMS 1.0 into
"Just The N-tuples" could be the basis for an RDF front-end that we could
all use.  There's at least an order of magnitude more activity around
developing XSLT tools over RDF tools, why not leverage this activity?


Received on Wednesday, 8 March 2000 13:34:28 UTC