New types of statements

How do I represent in an RDF Schema, the properties a specific
satement can have?

Lets say I have a Person with an intrest in a Topic. (That would be a
resource of type Person and a resource of type Topic in a Statement
with the Predicate intrest.) Suppose I want to represent the strength
of an individual persons individual intrest. That would be a property
of the reified statement, not of the intrest property.

I will have a IntrestStatement class that would be a rdfs:subClassOf
rdfs:Statement.  The strength Predicate would have IntrestStatement as
its domain. But how should I describe that those statements only can
have the predicate 'intrest'?

This calls for the use of the rdfs:ConstraintProperty. I will define a
StatementType that is subClassOf rdfs:ConstraintProperty. It will have
rdfs:Statement as its domain and rdf:predicate as its range.

Properties of type StatementType could then be used in new subclasses
of Statement to connect them to specific predicates. This would let an
application automaticly determine what type of statement a given
statement is. And that would be used to know what type of reification
properties that statement could have, like the strength property inmy

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Received on Monday, 13 March 2000 18:46:25 UTC