SV: Subclass of Thing/Resource

Marja wrote:
 Isn't social security number just that? Maybe in the future they
> will use a URI instead of a number. Another thing is then do the users
> to use it because of privacy issues.

 This is where I think this leads:

People exist
They are identified by ...

Their names
Descriptions of their WHEREabouts
Descriptions of their physical features
Descriptions of their interactions with society

These descriptions are aggregated by


into collections which are given

(relatively) Unique Identification numbers such as..

Social Security Numbers
Customer IDs
Membership IDs

At the same time people are addressable through various mediums such as...


Due to prevailing technical difficulties and other historical circumstances,
people's addresses and their various identifiers are tangled up with one
another.  This tangle is so omnifarious, we hardly seem to notice.

Surely it is the destiny of the Internet to disentangle addresses and
identities resulting in the following disjunction...

Identity A
	protected by agent X who maintains
Address A1, A2....
	for communication negotiated by agent Y to
Address B1, B2....
	maintained by agent Z for the protection and privacy of
Identity B


as represented by a trusted 3rd party agent
	meeting your legal obligations as a citizen/member of something
	exposing yourself to law enforcement (contentious)
as represented by a trusted 3rd party agent
	in buying and selling goods and ideas.
		in transactions notarized by 3rd party agents
			maintaining tax revenues (by consent (hopefully))
as represented by a trusted 3rd party agent
	in communicating with
		interest groups
		doctors & lawyers

whereas each possible communicator has varying access to you

Admirable as P3P might be, it could also be a diversion from reaching a
state of ubiquitous anonymity between all parts external to a 3rd party


As a shopper it is in your advantage to let the seller know as much about
yourself as possible.  You would be more willing to give this information if
you were assured that your identity was never to be divulged and you would
be more secure in your privacy knowing that your agent and not the seller
was allowed privy to your true identity.

Unified addressing means that what ever object of digiphernelia we are using
to communicate with someone or something using another object of
digiphernelia,  there will be one unique address to do so with.

It will be the business of trusted 3rd party agents to negotiate the terms,
quality, range and type of this communication.



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