RDF and Open Groups - Sharing Meta Data for Online Communities

Greetings WWW-RDF,

The proposed Open Groups <http://www.opengroups.org> effort is 
looking for a few meta data/information syndication experts 
interested in participating with an effort promoting the sharing of 
directory data on public online communities and group 
communication spaces.  Interested?  E-mail 

I have a sense of how the Netscape Open Directory project uses 
RDF to promote widespread use of their directory data.  I'd like to 
bring in technical folks familiar with other efforts in order to explore 
how RDF or other schemes could be used toward the goals of 
Open Groups.  Please offer your feedback and advice as to how 
RDF can be used to promote the goals of this initiative.  

See below for details an the project and consider joining the e-mail 
announcement list as well as a reading a recent feature interview in 
the Online Community Report 

Also, based on some recent funding support queries I am looking 
for universities interested in serving as a legal host for this effort or 
advice on the creation of a stand alone non-profit.  Suggestions?

Steven Clift - http://www.publicus.net 
Open Groups

OPEN GROUPS - http://www.opengroups.org
Directory information for online interaction 

Open Groups will help people to search, locate, 
evaluate, and join ongoing interactive public 
groups across the Internet through the development 
of open standards to describe online groups. 

Join the Announcement list for this proposed initiative.

To subscribe, send an e-mail message to:

Or visit the web site for more information:


Please visit the web site above for a full description of the concept
and let us know if you would like to be directly involved in the
volunteer team working to develop this proposal.

Steven Clift
Open Groups

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