Re: I gave a talk on RDF last night ....

Interesting info, thanks.  Did you happen to talk about usages of RDF other
than the Semantic Web, particularly unconnected usages?

> mentioned that the RDF working group has made 
> a commitment to incorporating at least some of the
> XMLSchema data types [Question: did I misread the Cambridge
> Communique ?].

While I won't say that isn't in the CC, I wouldn't say it was the main
point, either.  I think the thrust of the CC is that 1) RDF Schema and XML
Schema, as specifications, should be decoupled [breaking an approval process
log-jam], and 2) RDF and RDF Schema should try to converge with XML Schema
at some point in the future.

The CC specifically identifies RDF syntax as a problem that make it hard
(impossible) to apply XML Schema, and suggests that that should be one of
the first issues to work on.  This is consistent with the bulk of
discussions on this forum for the last few months.


Received on Wednesday, 8 March 2000 13:19:54 UTC