Re: 2 Questions on Syntax

Hi Tony,

1. A container is a value; in your example, you have not specified 
which  property the  rdf:Seqs belong to.

There's no need to use containers if you just need to assert many properties.

You can do compact nesting by using parseType="Resource"

2. I'd love to see a clear statement about this from the real 
experts. My reading of the spec is that you can either use about="" 
to refer to the current document, or you can attach a BagID to any 
Description so that you can make assertions about the Description.

I assume you're using this for authority tracking. I haven't used 
BagID for  this because I've not studied how to backtrace the 
authority for a statement from a triple store produced from BagID. 
Someone on the list will be able say this is easy or not.


At 11:37 AM +0000 3/1/00, wrote:
>Would appreciate any help on these 2 questions:
>1. RDF container syntax. If I have a nested structure of a resource which
>contains a sequence of resources each containing sequences of resources, etc,
>down to leaf resource nodes is there any more compact way of writing this than
>below - ie do I explicitly need <rdf:li> wrappers around the inner 
>resources (as
>members of an <rdf:Seq>) or is there some way of folding this in?
><rdf:Description about="uri10" s:P1="val" s:P2="val" ...>
>   <rdf:Seq>
>     <rdf:li>
>       <rdf:Description about="uri11" s:P3="val" s:P4="val" ...>
>         <rdf:Seq>
>           <rdf:li>
>             <rdf:Description about="uri12" s:P5="val" s:P6="val" .../>
>           </rdf:li>
>           <rdf:li>
>             <rdf:Description about="uri13" s:P5="val" s:P6="val" .../>
>           </rdf:li>
>           [etc]
>         </rdf:Seq>
>       </rdf:Description>
>     </rdf:li>
>     <rdf:li>
>       <rdf:Description about="uri14" s:P3="val" s:P4="val" .../>
>     </rdf:li>
>     [etc]
>   </rdf:Seq>
>2. If I want to include a description about the RDF metadata itself, do I have
>something like below where the first statement is about the RDF itself and the
>following statements are about the external resources that the RDF is
><rdf:Description about="" s:P .../>
><rdf:Description about="uri" s:P1 ...>

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