Re: The RDF model *is* part of the problem

Mark Birbeck wrote:

> That's right. IMO, the whole point of the 'abbreviated forms' that have
> been moaned about recently is so that almost any *existing* XML file can
> 'become' RDF. As it happens you don't even need the RDF tag or the ID
> attribute - they can be abbreviated too so you could have left my XML
> alone and just said 'it is now RDF'.

To remind: a couple of month ago I proposed a simplified syntax for RDF
that allows *every* well-formed XML file be interpreted as a serialized
RDF model. This mapping to an RDF model is however not always optimal.
However, by using just a few attributes (that can be put into the DTD)
it can be significantly improved. This syntax facilitates easy
transition from existing XML data to RDF. You are welcome to have a
look/download at


Received on Wednesday, 1 March 2000 13:58:13 UTC