Re: I gave a talk on RDF last night ....

On Wed, 8 Mar 2000, William Grosso wrote:
> There's been some talk about datatypes on this list (cf: 
> the recent thread entitled "do XML Datatypes work for RDF?"). 
> But it would have been very nice to be able to nail this 
> question down with something like "Version 2.0 of the spec, 
> which is expected in [] deals with that by ...."
> Anybody able to do that ?

Prior to the recent huge and mostly healthy thread ('a certain
difficulty') DanC and I asked for review comments on Dan's specific
questions concerning URIs for XML Schema datatypes.

There wasn't much in the way of discussion of that topic before my
semi-arbitrary cut-off date of 2000-02-25, but I owe the list a summary of
the msgs to date. I think the topic was somewhat swamped by the 'certain
difficult' thread so if everyone who wants datatypes in RDF and hasn't yet
commented could review DanC's msg, that would be valuable.

Issues List

More generally, there will be an RDF Issues List page on the RDF Interest
Group pages real soon now, once I've sat down (virtually) with Ralph and
others and figured out the best way to represent and manage issue

I recently did a quick survey of issue-list systems looking at what each
of the other W3C Working and Interest groups did. They're all pretty
similar but there's very little in the way of standard templates for such
things right now, so I figure the best way is to start off with a good old
fashioned HTML table and work in XML/RDF representations later.

That said, I did do a llittle bit of work on representing issue tracking
processes in RDF, building on some diagrams DanC produced,
(Dan's original work )


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