Re: XSLT applied to RDF?

I posted this earlier today on xml-dev and XSL-List today and
seems to maybe have some synergy with the XSLT applied to RDF thread.

Basically, we are hoping to develop a collaborative development hub
for open-source XSLT as part of Apache.  One of the issues
so far is how to embed metadata in XSLT transforms to enable indexing
and categorization.  Development of XSLT transforms operating on
RDF would also be also be a potential area of work.

Everything is still unofficial and vague at this point.
But if you have any suggestions on RDF applied to XSLT or
XSLT applied to RDF, please join us.


There has been some discussion on the
mailing list about creating an Apache project to create a library
of useful XSLT transforms.

A temporary, unofficial mailing list has been set up to discuss
issues surrounding an XSLT library project and take the traffic

Potential subjects for discussion would be:

Use of RDF Metadata for XSLT transforms to allow indexing and searching
Potential servers for collaborative XSLT development
Potential contributions to an XSLT library
Types of XSLT transforms that would be useful for the community to develop

To subscribe to the list,
The home page is

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