Re: Acyclic RDF Graph???

Cycles are fine, even encouraged. The specialisation properties
(subClassOf, subPropertyOf) aren't supposed to loop, but that's all 
the spec says w.r.t. restricting cycles. --dan

On Thu, 23 Mar 2000, Gerard Maas wrote:

> Hello!,
> After working with RDF for some time, I find that it is not very clear
> if cycles in the RDF graph are allowed or not. The RDF Data spec. does
> not say anything about it (or I don't understand it as such), and the
> restrictions in the RDF Schema spec, about of subPropertyof and
> subClassof do not really constrain the presence of a loop in the a RDF
> description.
> Could somebody bring some light to my cloudy head??
> Thanks,
> Gerard.

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