Re: Subclass of Thing/Resource

-Tim Berners-Lee wrote:
> A semantic web system always operates on a very small subset of the entire
> system.
> The SW engine will have to be always aware of where an RDF statement was
> found,
> whether in a document which is trusted (for what purpose?)  or in a logical
> expression, for example.

that is what I missed in your point.
On that we agree: I already wrote

> >well, I meant, we sure can ENCOURAGE people to use strict structures,
> >and if they do, RDF agents will be able to perform very efficient and
> powerful reasoning.

for specific applications like e-commerce, hard logic is needed,
and RDF can be used to express it, with specific and strict schemas.
Only the subset of the web using (correctly) those schemas will then be used.

But other functions don't need hard logic (like search engines)
and may benefit from the use of "vague" RDF (which includes "hard logic" RDF)

> >I'm thinking about writing a paper on the subject.
> I will be interested to read it.
> My thoughts are mostly in linked around

I'll read tha one too

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